R. V.’s gourmet coffee is served up in the usual coffeehouse way…hot, iced or frozen.  There are espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and 24 different flavors to select from.  He also has soft drinks and gourmet teas, hot or iced. 

In addition to breakfast fare consisting of bagels, muffins, biscotti & croissants, Daddy Cate’s has a good selection for lunch  Check out the menu.

For dessert there is Soft Hand-Dipped Ice Cream and cake.  Cake like you can’t get any place else – homemade by DeeDee’s Mom.

Then there is a big overstuffed sofa and chair with a coffee table full of books, magazines and newspapers, as well as a chess set.  There’s a TV for news, weather & sports or Daddy Cate’s own background music.  

While you’re visiting Daddy Cate’s be sure to look at their gift baskets.  Daddy Cate’s serves only the best of everything so a gift basket from there is a coffee lover’s dream.